TGIH Game Clock Management Instructions

TGIH Game Clock

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TGIH Game Clock Management Instructions

A. Setting Clock

  1. Plus in (wait for prompt to enter code) On/Off Switch
  2. Enter Code 62, Press Enter
  3. Prompt will ask 1/10 sec?. Press Enter
  4. Clock will automatically set for 20 min. periods. To change the period time, press Set Time, enter desired time, then press Enter
  5. To start time, press Start
  6. To stop time, press Stop
  • To reset time during game, press Stop, press Set Time, punch in correct time, press Enter


B. Periods

  1. To set period press Period, enter number of period and press Enter


C. Goal Scoring

  1. To score goal, press Score+1
  2. To change score, press Score., Enter the proper number, press Enter


D. Penalties 

  1. To start penalty, press Player.Penalty
  2. Press Enter twice. The clock will now display 2:00min, to accept this time press Enter again, to change, punch in the desired time, then press Enter
  3. To cancel penalties, press Player.Penalty use up-down arrow keys to select player penalty to cancel. Press Clear, then press Enter to clear penalty
  4. To change penalty time, press Player.Penalty, use up-down arrow keys to select player to change, press Enter twice, change time and press Enter once more.


Ice slots and Referees:

  • All ice slots include an automatic 10 minute ice resurface. Below is a breakdown of ice slotting times.
    • 1 hour 10 min slot - 1 hour on ice
    • 1 hour 20 min slot - 1 hour 10 min on ice
    • 1 hour 30 min slot - 1 hour 20 min on ice
    • 1 hour 40 min slot - 1 hour 30 min on ice
    • 2 hour slot - 1 hour 50 min on ice
    • 2 hour 10 min slot - 2 hours on ice
  • Before the start of the 3rd period the referees need to check with scorekeepers to see how much time is left in the ice slot.
  • In the event of extraordinary circumstances that prevent having three full stop-time periods, two full stop-time periods will be played.
    • Prior to the start of the 3rd period take the remaining time for the game slot, divide in half and put that time on the clock for the 3rd period. Do not exceed the published time period for the 3rd period. (Example 20 mins remain in game slot = 10 min stop-clock period)
    • At no time will running clock be used.
    • A game is not an official game until two(2) full periods have been completed. If tow full periods are not played, no recognition of the game being played will occur, expect in cases of serious misbehavior, such as fighting, misconduct, or match penalties, (which may have been the cause of the game incompletion).
  • The Zamboni will come out at the ice slots scheduled end time to resurface the ice whether the game is complete or not.