General Info/FAQ

All Sessions are 60 Minutes in Length

Cost (except Advanced Power Skating):

  • $32.50 for early registration* 
  • $42.50 for registration within one week of clinic date

Advanced Power Skating:

  • $40 for early registration*
  • $50 for registration within one week of clinic date

* Early registration applies to each individual clinic date.  As an example, early registration for a March 30 clinic is available through March 23.  

Sibling Discounts:

  • Available only for Skating Skills and Scoring Skills
  • Must register at same time and for same clinic date/time to apply
  • Separate registrations will not allow discount to apply


  • Are invited to register for Tryout Prep clinics
  • Cost is $25 for early registration, $30 within one week
  • For goaltender specific training, Tri-City Eagles recommends Wolfe Hockey Development


  • Clinic fees are non-refundable

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