Hockey at Home Challenge

To our Eagles, 

We know you miss your people: family, classmates, and teammates. We know you miss your regular life: school, sports, and social gatherings. We know you miss doing the things you love. We know you miss hockey.

This is a challenge unlike anything we have ever seen. Your parents, grandparents, even your great-grandparents have never faced a challenge of this nature. Yet you, our youth, have been tasked with this unprecedented adversity. It does not make sense and it is certainly not fair. However, I can promise you this; true greatness has never been achieved without adversity. And that is the opportunity you have in front of you. This is so hard. I cannot imagine being your age and required to isolate from friends, family, and teammates. But you will overcome. Know that we believe in you, the youth, the future of the world. You will make us proud and you will be the ones to make this world a better place to live. Take this one day at a time. Continue to hone high quality hygiene as well as the recommendations for social interaction and distancing. Make this the moment that you can reflect on with pride for the rest of your lives.

In the meantime, keep your passions alive. Facetime your grandparents, login to your online schooling platform, talk to your friends, and take the time to reflect and train for the player you want to be when you are finally able to hit the ice again!

Let’s help keep those passions alive together! I am going to challenge you to take videos and pictures of your off-ice training (stickhandling, shooting, running, agility, plyometrics, anything!) and post them using #hockeyathome. Also, be sure to use #TCEathome to easily connect with other Eagles and their off-ice training. Don’t forget to @ us on social media, too.

Twitter and Instagram is @Tricityeagles

Facebook is @Tricityeagleshockey


On that same thread, we’re also going to make daily posts that will include challenges, off-ice ideas, discussion topics, mental training, or just something fun. Let’s help each other get through this, using hockey as a common passion! We are all going to love the results!


Rob Trantin and all of your hockey family at Tri-City Eagles