Travel Tryout Tips


-  Arrive at least one hour early: The check-in line can be long. Please arrive early so your player can relax before taking the ice. 

-  Be rested: A good night of sleep goes a long way before a tryout. 

-  Eat properly: Before a tryout, a low sodium, low sugar meal will provide your player with the necessary fuel to do their best. Make sure to eat well in advance of the skate so your player does not feel full when trying out. 

-  Light workout: Get in some light exercise beforehand. You want your player to be fresh, with legs ready to work from the start of the skate. “Cold” players take time for their legs to warm up. 

-  Do your best: Encourage your player to focus on doing their best and not “making the team”. Team selection is not something they can control. Their effort is. Allow them to judge their own effort and let that be the measure of success for the weekend. 

-  Follow directions: Coaches will look for players who can follow instruction. These “coachable” players are favored because what they lack in skill they can make up for with proper instruction. Make sure your player is ready to focus and listen on the ice. 

-  Be aggressive: Your player should be focused on making sure evaluators witness their skill, whether it is passing or scoring. Encourage your player to perform at game speed, as the evaluators will assume that is what they are seeing. 

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