Travel Program - FAQ's

Q: When are the tryouts and where do I register?
A: Co-ed and Girls travel tryouts will be held April 27th and 28th with co-ed 16U and 18U  continuing through May 2nd. Register online until 9pm on 4/26 and in person thereafter.

Q: What is the cost to tryout?
A: $115 for all players. This is a one-time, non-refundable fee for trying out. It is not applied to your player's tuition if selected. This fee covers all tryout skates.

Q: Who do I contact if I have questions beforehand?
A: Please email for co-ed travel questions and for girls travel questions.

Q: Who do I contact if I have questions during the tryout?
A: We will have an Advisory Board member at the sign-in area during all tryouts to answer questions. If they do not know the answer to a question they will take your information and follow-up as soon as possible.

Q: How can I find general information for my players age level?
A: Visit the travel program page or the girls program page for more information.

Q: What is the cost if my player makes the team?
A: Costs vary by age level. Please review the information provided under Parent Resources. (Available after 4/1.)

Q: What if we are not available for one or more days of tryouts?
A: Contact for co-ed travel scheduling and for girls travel scheduling. All players must tryout, however we reserve the right to leave spots open and hold a supplemental tryout at a later date. These will be open to the public and posted on our website. If you are unable to make any day of tryouts, please remind the person at check-in on Saturday.

Q: Can you tell me more about the evaluation process?
A:  Each evaluation will be attended by a panel of reviewers. Members on this panel include the hockey director, head coach, and other independent evaluators with esteemed hockey knowledge. Each evaluator completes a form for each player consisting of numbered scores and notes. These score sheets are compiled to ensure consistency and create a cumulative average per player.

From these scores, all players are ranked. Once the final skate is finished, the selection panel reviews the rankings and deliberates on the team. The hockey director and head coach have the most heavily weighted vote. The hockey director is the only person with veto power and full accountability. All questions regarding player selection should be directed to Russell Smith, Tri-City Eagles Hockey Director. You will find a conference request form on our resources page should you wish to obtain more information after tryouts are complete. The conference request form on our website will be open from 4/29 through 5/10.

Q: What are the evaluators looking for?
A: The best hockey players. There is no special formula. Our goal is to find the best hockey players, who have a love for the game and are willing to learn. Evaluators prefer hard working hockey players who pay attention and follow instruction.

Q: When can I meet the coach?
A: Our coaches are asked to participate in several evaluations throughout the weekend and will be very busy and focused. We ask that you do not attempt to meet with them individually. There will be team meetings within the few weeks after selections are made and rosters are finalized. During these meetings you will have the opportunity to meet the coaches.

Q: Who makes the final selection?
A: Tri-City Eagles Hockey Director, Russell Smith. He will use the evaluation results from our panel and consult with each team’s coaching staff.

Q: When are selections posted?
A: All teams with the exception of co-ed 16U and 18U will be selected by 5pm on Monday, April 29th, with jersey color/number posted to our website. You should expect an email when the teams are posted. 16U and 18U tryouts will continue through Thursday, 5/2 and team selections will be announced by 9pm on Friday, 5/3. Tryouts are a fluid process so dates and times (if adjusted) will be communicated on our website and via email.

Q: What is the Tri-City attendance policy?
A: Please see the detailed policy on our rules page.

Q: How is team placement decided?
A:  Teams are placed in the CBHL with input from the coaching staff. Ultimately, the hockey director makes the final decision on level of play based upon his evaluation of where the team will be best suited to continue their skill development. This will occur on or before the CBHL declaration deadline in June.  

Q: Why was the tryout process expanded to include additional days for the 16U and 18U age levels?

A: Over the past several years we have been fortunate to have a large number of players tryout for these age groups. Therefore we have added additional tryout times to help make the best decisions during our player selection process.  

Q: Why are 8U tryouts happening in April instead of August?

A:  While we had hoped to continue our past schedule of a May open house and August tryouts, CBHL scheduling now demands that our teams be declared much earlier in the summer.

Q. What should I do while my child is trying out?

A. Tryouts can be stressful for both players and parents. While you are welcome in the spectator section of the rink, please pay close attention to all signage and do not yell or bang on the glass. This can add confusion and distraction for both the evaluators and participants, and we reserve the right to ask you to leave the rink. Thank you for your adherence to this request.

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