Team Meeting & Uniform Fitting Schedule

Tuesday, 5/15

5:20pm - 12U Girls – Sochi meeting room

Thursday, 5/17:

5:20pm - 10U Blue – Sochi meeting room

5:20pm - 10U Gold – TCE meeting room

6:40pm - 16U Girls – Sochi meeting room

7:10pm - 14U Blue – Sochi meeting room

8:20pm - 19U Girls – Sochi meeting room


Tuesday, 5/22:

5:50pm - 12U Blue – Sochi meeting room

5:50pm - 12U Gold – Vancouver meeting room

6:30pm - 16U Gold – Sochi meeting room

7:00pm - 14U Girls – Vancouver meeting room

7:00pm - 18U Gold – Sochi meeting room

8:10pm - 15U Blue – Vancouver meeting room

8:40pm - 16U Blue – Sochi meeting room

8:40pm - 18U Blue – Vancouver meeting room

Thursday, 5/24:

7:00pm - 14U Gold – Sochi meeting room


The Sochi & Vancouver meeting rooms are located in the café next to the coaches locker room. The TCE meeting room is located at the top of the Patrick rink, through the glass doors in the lobby.



All new to Tri-City players and any returning players needing new jerseys, shell, socks or warm-ups should visit our sizing area, upstairs at the rink, 5:30pm-9:30pm on Tuesday, 5/22 and 5pm-7:30pm on Thursday, 5/24.