About Us

The Tri-City Mission

Founded in 1993, The Tri-City Eagles Hockey Association is a private organization dedicated to helping young individuals develop as athletes, leaders, and members of the community. For over 25 years, we have successfully accomplished this through our elite hockey program that stresses excellence, self-sacrifice and places the needs of the player above all else.


Dear Current & Prospective TCE Players,

I'd like to tell you a bit about Tri-City from my perspective. If you don’t have time to read my whole letter, here’s what you MUST know:

* We care about every single player – me specifically and not because it’s my job. Because strong relationships build strong foundations.

* Our core values and traditions can be seen in everything we do. We’re strong competitors who always put doing what’s right and being a good sport in front of everything else.

* We focus on player development which means you may not win every game, but you will walk away from every season a better and stronger hockey player.

* We make sure our teams have more ice time than any other program and solid, well-rounded coaches. Our coaches are a community, working together to make each players’s experience one that makes them want to be a Tri-City Eagle.

The best thing about Tri-City is our focus is always on the players. It always has been, and it always will be. We’re focused on developing better, stronger hockey players, but just as importantly playing a critical role in their development into young adults.

In 2017 we had some exciting additions to our already robust program - Girls travel and House (CCHL) teams. With the inclusion of these programs, Tri-City is stronger than ever and able to roster more teams and more players than ever before. 

Having played for Tri-City myself for many years, I have great memories of my teammates, coaches and what it meant to wear a TCE uniform. On and off the ice we believe in showing the strongest level of sportsmanship – we’re highly competitive while at the same time cooperative with our teammates, play by the rules, gracious in wins and losses and respectful of teammates, competitors, coaches and officials. These values drew me back into the program as Hockey Director and are what drive me to see the program excel in the future. 

Our traditions hold true now more than ever. Our Advisory Board alongside our coaching staff, continually focus on the core values of our program. This combined with more ice time than any other program, and a coaching plan at every level focusing on player development, make us the club where you should want to play hockey.


Russell Smith

Tri-City Eagles Hockey Director