2018 Advisory Board Election


Dear Tri-City families and coaches,

This is a call to all Tri-City Team coaches and parents or legal guardians of Tri-City players interested in serving as a member of the Tri-City Advisory Board, for any of three positions with terms that expire on December 31, 2021.

Tri-City has an Advisory Board that includes 10 members. The Advisory Board provides vital assistance in the operation of the Club.  Three of the 10 Advisory Board positions are Standing Positions: the Hockey Director is selected by the Board of Directors; and the Girls Hockey Director and the House Hockey Director are selected by the Hockey Director. Seven positions are At-Large Positions appointed from the community of Tri-City credentialed Team coaches and parents or legal guardians of Tri-City players.  These At-Large Positions each have a three-year term..

The terms of three Advisory Board members expire December 31, 2018:

  1. Communications & Marketing Director

  2. Rules & Policies Director

  3. Tournament & Hockey Events Director

The responsibilities of these Advisory Board positions and the identities of the current members holding the positions are set forth here. Interested candidates are invited and encouraged to contact the current Advisory Board members for further information.

To be eligible to serve as a member of the Advisory Board in an At-Large Position, a candidate must be a Team coach or parent or guardian of a registered Tri-City team player for the candidate’s full term. Candidates must submit the Application Form available by clicking below and a Statement of Qualifications not to exceed 2 pages to me via email at election@tricityeagles.com, NO LATER THAN 11:59pm EST November 30, 2018. 

The form of the Statement of Qualifications is left up to the candidate’s discretion. The Statement of Qualifications should include a summary of the skills, background and experience the candidate believes she or he possesses to meet the responsibilities of the position, and a brief description of the candidate’s past and expected future participation in Tri-City hockey.

The Advisory Board meetings are held at my direction, typically monthly in the evening at The Gardens Ice House. The positions require a substantial time commitment. Candidates should inform themselves regarding the extent of the time commitment before submitting an application.

All eligible candidates who have submitted timely and complete applications will be included on a Ballot submitted to a vote of the Club families in December. Each Club family can cast one vote per registered player for each Advisory Board position up for appointment. The ultimate selection of the Advisory Board members in the At-Large Positions is made by the governing Board of Directors of Tri-City.  I provide a recommendation to the Board of Directors together with the results of the voting Ballots submitted by Club families. My recommendation and the Club vote are advisory to the Board of Directors in its decisions concerning the appointment of the new members. Interim vacancies, resulting for any reason after appointment, are filled for the balance of the term by the Hockey Director, subject to approval by the Board of Directors.

I hope to see the many qualified members of our Tri-City community step forward to be part of the Club leadership through the Advisory Board.


Russell Smith

Hockey Director

Application Form