2018-19 Tryouts - Travel & Girls Teams

TRYOUTS - APRIL 28th and 29th


Thank you for your interest in the Tri-City Eagles 2018/19 travel hockey tryouts. Please visit the program pages for details regarding the TCE program and the specific teams we are planning for next season. (Scroll down for registration links - note the travel and girls programs have different registrations.)

We encourage you to register in advance of the first skate. The 2018 tryout registration cost is $110.

When you arrive to your first skate, please visit the registration desk to check-in and to receive your tryout jersey. This should be worn to all tryout sessions and is yours to keep – please make sure your player knows not to trade jerseys with any other player as this will confuse our evaluators. 

All teams with the possible exception of the 16U Midgets will be selected by the night of Monday, April 30th, with numbers posted to our website. You should expect an email when the teams are posted. (If the 16U players require an additional tryout, it will be communicated on Sunday and held the following week.)

If your player has been selected for a team, an email will be sent the next day with information on how to register and secure his/her roster spot. If your player is not selected, you may request to participate in future supplemental tryouts at no additional cost. These will be posted to our website. 

To secure your player’s place on the team, a non-refundable 25% deposit must be made online within 24 hours. IF YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO PAY YOUR DEPOSIT WITHIN 24 HOURS, WE WILL WORK WITH YOU IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THE PLAYER AND TEAM.


1.  Register in-person on 4/28 & 4/29 at the check-in table

2.  Receive/review follow-up email communication(s)

3.  Onsite check-in the day of the event (arrive one-hour early)

4.  Tryout on Saturday & Sunday

5.  Team selections posted to TCE website by 5pm, 4/30/18 

6.  Deposit due within 24 hours of selection 

7.  Receive/review follow-up email communication(s)

8.  For those registered to a team, the tryout fee Includes four additional practice sessions per team during the month of May. These practices are designed to allow the players to get to know each other and skate together. These sessions will be utilized for supplemental tryouts if needed and this information will be posted to our website.

9.  Direct questions at any time to info@tricityeagles.com 

Travel Co-ed Tryouts

4/28/18SaturdayPatrick8:50am-9:50am 12U
4/29/18SundayPatrick8:50am-9:50am 12U
16U participants will be split by birth year on Saturday. 2003 birth year will skate first at 11:10am, followed by 2002 birth year at 12:20pm.  You will be notified which time they skate on Sunday by 6pm Saturday evening.  If your player is unable to make his scheduled slot, please contact info@tricityeagles.com to discuss.

Girls Tryouts

4/28/18SaturdayLogsdon9:30am-10:30am12U Girls
4/28/18SaturdayLogsdon10:40am-11:40am14U Girls
4/28/18SaturdayLogsdon11:50am-12:50pm16U Girls
4/28/18SaturdayLogsdon1:00pm-2:00pm19U Girls
4/29/18SundayLogsdon8:00am-9:00am12U Girls
4/29/18SundayLogsdon9:10am-10:10am14U Girls
4/29/18SundayLogsdon10:20am-11:20am16U Girls
4/29/18SundayLogsdon11:30am-12:30pm19U Girls