The 2020-21 has finally come to a conclusion and despite all the challenges we faced together, it will go down as a year of great accomplishment.  For the first time ever, three Tri-City Eagles teams simultaneously achieved a berth at the USA Hockey National Championship Tournament.  Although the ultimate goal was not achieved, the exhilarating journey will prove unforgettable.  Thank you for sharing this amazing experience with the entire Tri-City Eagles family.  We are so proud.


Congratulations to each of you.  Enjoy the memories.  They are sure to last forever!



14U Blue 

Billy Bass

Ciaran Brighton

Michael Carpenter

Christopher Facchiano

Joseph Facchiano

EJ Goveia

Ali Haan

Julian Huckaby

Ryan Jacobson

Cory Maldonado

Cooper Mowrey

Edwin Siebieda

Nick Sobchak

Anthony Tallant

Caden Travis

AJ Vander Roest

Kalen Wells

Manager – Michelle Vander Roest

Head Coach – Clark Mowrey

Assistant Coaches – Ken Carpenter, Josh Fowler, John Goveia


14U Girls

Leena Beheri

Hailey Benson

Emily Cross

Carolyn Dzubak

Molly Rose Kulacz

Fletcher Lyttleton

Laura McMennamin

Alejandra Neal

Laura Oberle

Madelyn Parmenter

Reese Quintero

Samantha Rosenberg

Yael Rosenberg

Elizabeth Sanders

Reese Thorne

Victoria Widener

Manager – Sue Quintero

Head Coach – Jacquie Dzubak

Assistant Coaches – Matt Benson, Rick Thorne


16U Girls

Victoria Boger

Katie Brubaker

Amalia Diamond

Evelyn Dzubak

Dani Farias

Becca Freda

Kate Gregory

Zoe Jerva

Channing Jones

Geena Lin

Leilani Lippincott

Samantha Miller

Catherine Schofield

Kaylee Taracatac

Isabela Torres

Paulina Utochkin

Sophia Van Lowe

Katherine Wanner

Manager – Sophia Lin

Head Coach – Paul Finch

Assistant Coaches – Shannon Finch, Kim Lippincott, Jason Wanner





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