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    Tri-City Mite Travel Tryouts

    07/14/2015, 10:45am EDT
    By Michael Pacylowski

    We are excited to announce our 2015/16 travel Mite tryouts. This season's Mites have a very exciting plan including the continuation of our travel program, plus the addition of more house mite games and jamborees, all for a dramatically decreased price.

    All Mites will participate in our expanded Mite house program. However those players that are looking for a more intense development program can tryout for our Mite Upper A and Mite Lower A travel teams. These teams will have an additional practice on Tuesday night, as well as playing in tournaments, non-league games and CBHL league play.

    For more information on our Mite program, and to register for the upcoming tryout, please visit

    Strength and Conditioning Program Overview

    06/29/2015, 10:15am EDT
    By Michael Pacylowski

    Tri-City Strength & Conditioning Program

    06/23/2015, 11:45am EDT
    By Michael Pacylowski

    Tri-City has created an eight week strength and conditioning program for our Squirt - Midget aged players. The program has three key components: 

    1. A daily workout guide that is to be completed by the player
    2. Baseline and Results testing
    3. Certified Instructor lead training
    The "Base Plan" includes the workout guide and testing. This is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED for all Eagles. The workout guide contains age appropriate exercises for developing hockey players. Testing will be conducted at the start and finish of this eight week program and will help to motivate the player to show improvement over time.
    The instructor lead training will be 1-2 times per week, and will include age appropriate strength, conditioning and agility training in the Wellness For Life gym, located at The Gardens Ice House. The instructor and assistant are certified personal trainers and have created the workout guides as well.
    The goal of this program is to teach our players safe and productive ways of preparing themselves for the upcoming season. To help them develop their strength, conditioning and agility in the offseason and to provide an activity that all players on a team can do together prior to the start of the season.
    The program starts the week of June 28th and ends eight weeks later. Squirts, Peewees and Bantams are recommended to participate in 1 instructor lead training session per week, while Midgets will have two. If a team is practicing, the training will be scheduled immediately following practice.
    Pricing and registration can be completed online using the following form:
    Q: What if my player is unable to make any of the baseline testing dates?
    A: Contact Patricia at Wellness For Life directly at (301) 498-6200 to schedule a supplemental.
    Q: Should I do this if my player is already doing a fitness program elsewhere?
    A: YES, choose the "Base Plan" option to complete the testing and receive the guide. Players will discuss their completed guides at the start of training camp with their coaches. The plan itself can be done at home, or with another facility.
    Q: How should I register for the drop-in sessions?
    A: If you know the number of sessions you can make, you can register for them in advance using the form link above. If you aren't sure, you can simply show up and check-in. You will be billed at the end of the program in August.
    Q: What type of exercises can my players expect in the instructor lead classes?
    A: These will be age appropriate and occur both in the Wellness For Life fitness center, as well as through the building. Exercises will include safe ways for players to develop strength the explosiveness both in a gym and at home. All players will use the gym equipment, however younger players will not use free wights and other weight based resistance training. All ages will have at least one spin class.
    For additional questions, please send an email to


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